Pairing and recipes for the end of the year dinner

Dec 27, 2021

Maridaje y recetas para la cena de fin de año

It does not matter if you celebrate it with family, with friends, or this year, as things are, it is simply an excuse to eat and drink your body weight in the course of one night, the end of 2021 is something that is worth it. celebrate.

In different drinks, we are almost as obsessed with food as we are with wine, and we do not love anything more than combining them. In honor of this year that is ending, we have made a menu with pairing to help you decide the menu-feast for the night in question.


Tapeo, cold prawns and sparkling wine

The previous one, sometimes even more important than the food itself. Some skewers with cheeses, salmon, vegetables, croquettes ... Let your imagination run wild ... But it is that nothing like prawns to make us think of Christmas ... If we focus on them, to accompany them, we recommend a classic of the holidays: sparkling wine . The natural sweetness of the prawn goes perfectly with the subtle sweetness of aancestral light.


Grilled Chicken Dijon and blanc de noirs

Christmas = baked bird, or at least in our tradition. Why not give a different touch to the traditional roast chicken, and surprise?

As easy asrub the chicken with mustard before drizzling it with oil. Roast for about 45-60 minutes and let it rest covered in aluminum foil for 10 minutes for the juices to settle.

Recipe 2x1, because if it is left over (and we hope so) the next day, cold, with a little extra mustard, it's delicious!

To accompany it, the most traditional would be a pinot noir, but in this case, to counteract the taste of mustard, we recommend a viognier or a blanc de noirs such asA, guaranteed surprise.


Roasts without meat and red xarel lo

As flexitarian eating moves from the margins to the mainstream, a meatless Christmas is not as difficult to achieve as it once was. There's no need to miss out on the tradition of chopping up a roast at Christmas. Although the ingredients vary; the toasted vegetables pair perfectly with rosés or fresh grapes with salty touches, such asxarel lo red . 


Polvorones, nougat and monastrell

Wine does not have to be at odds with Christmas sweets. Although custom tends to make us drink cava or champagne to accompany nougats or polvorones, we prefer to leave these for aperitifs, and there are also wines to make perfect pairings with our more traditional desserts.It is advisable to opt for a young wine with a fruity flavor, which reinforces the slightly sweet flavor of the dessert and provides juiciness, leaving a very pleasant sensation in the mouth. Our recommendation: monastrell


Happy New Year, bebedistinters!

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