Dear wine,
I promise
have fun

Don't give it to you with cheese

Are you tired of always seeing the same wines on the supermarket shelf; And when you decide to buy in wine bars, you are overwhelmed by not knowing where to start? When you have dinner, are you always afraid of being the one to bring the wine? Would you like to discover incredible wines suitable for your pocket? So, this is your place; welcome!

Bebedistinto is a group of friends, wine lovers and we have a mission:make wine fun and easy for everyone.We want to keep you away from elitism and all its prejudices, and thus help you lose your fear of enjoying one of the most brutal drinks that exist.



Our values


It is clear. It came, it came and it came. We know that you will not find everything here, and we are not trying to be just any wine supermarket. We are passionate about wine, so we take the selection of wines we play with very seriously. We have sommeliers, with extensive experience, who help us in that selection and we patrol the entire territory in search of those hidden gems, to be able to offer them at unbeatable prices.



Our goal is to make you reachwinesincredible that you will not find in any supermarket at an acceptable price for your pocket. You choose and you command: if you want to always have good wine at home, with The Club you can have it; and above, they are wines selected for you, according to your tastes and evaluations.



If you are looking for an experience to give or share in a group because you know thatWine + fun = A great experience. We want you to experiment, try, laugh, and learn without realizing it with The Game, a game that we have invented for you to share good wines in a fun way and without having to know anything about wines. Play, drink and forget everything else.



Choose, select, rate, personalize, create your own packs, ... From Bebedistinto we encourage you to share your tastes with us so that we can recommend wines that we know will make you want more. In addition, you can complete any of your orders with a fun postcard designed for any occasion with your message for whoever you want, your family, your partner, friends or your meerkat ... Say it with wine!



We like the design, the beautiful things and the colors. And of course the amazingly good wines. This moves us and unites us. For this reason, each wine we choose has a little and a lot of this. Beautiful and extremely good.