The best way
of learning
picking up wines.

Learn about wines in original ways,
fun and exciting.

The best way to learn by tasting wines.

Learn about wine in original, fun and exciting ways.



There are many interesting topics about the world of wine, so we have decided to create knowledge capsules so that learning is interactive, easy and fun.

Spoilert Alert: It's extremely addictive! That is why we dose it and each month we will publish two new topics so that you can learn in an interactive and orderly way. Learn about wines without pressure, at your own pace, and while you savor vinazos ... Is there anything better?

Whether you want to challenge yourself or are looking for a gift for a wine lover, you've come to the right place, so uncork and start learning!

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Do you want to know more about the wines you are tasting? Great, you are one of us! Behind each wine there is a story, discover it while tasting the received wine through interactive questions with visual clues. What color is the wine? What does its color tell us? Are all wines made with Syrah the same? How is the growing area and the winery reflected in the wine? solve questions like these by putting them into practice while enjoying your wine.


Dinner with family or friends? Deadline! Have fun in a very original way with a fun competition game, in which you will sing, learn, enjoy and, above all, discover wines in an original and shared way.

A fun game where you can find multiple-choice questions, drawing, collaborating, humming, miming ... There is no limit! Any excuse is valid to have fun learning and tasting incredible wines with yours. Make two teams and get the party started!