How do we choose?

Our selection process

How we find your new favorite

We connect with wineries across the country

No winery is overlooked as we venture across the country in search of new, delicious and exciting wines.

We taste everything and choose the best

Our tasters take it very seriously, although it's not a bad job, really...! They taste wines, write down experiences, compare and work hard to discover you the best of the best.

We investigate and complement

We want to find wines that you won't find on any shelf, delicious and surprising jewels. But in addition, we investigate and study each of the wines in depth to be able to complement it with the games and experiences that you receive each month.

What are we looking for?

Wine is something complex and subjective. When we select your wines, we take into account many factors including the varieties, the production process, their origin, etc, but above all your answers in the tasting test and the feedback you give us about each bottle; and thus be able to adjust our personalized selections better and better.


No todos los vinos son del gusto de todos. Por eso nos adaptamos a cada uno de vosotros, según vuestras preferencias de cata.

Factor sorpresa

Nos encanta descubrir bodegas de todo el país, no solo sus vinos, también sus historias y la gente que hay detrás.


There is very good wine out of our reach, from small wineries. We want you to venture out and try new varieties and appellations of origin.

Start discovering the brutal world of wine