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Wine Trivia - Have fun tasting wines | the nature

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✅ Vinos seleccionados cuidadosamente y de alta calidad.
✅ Una experiencia de cata en casa para aprender y divertirte.
✅ Un regalo original y creativo, para sorprender y emocionar.

Un juego con el que aprender detalles sobre los vinos a catar, las diferentes variedades, elaboraciones, y curiosidades sobre esta bebida tan brutal.

Vinos que incluye:
VINO A: Este vino es un derroche de frescura y notas de complejidad. Su estructura es impresionante y te sorprenderá desde el primer sorbo.
VINO B: Un tinto fresco y jugoso, una auténtica delicia que te hará repetir y repetir.¡Un vino digno del mejor copeo!
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Wine Trivia - Have fun tasting wines | the nature

Wine Trivia - Have fun tasting wines | the nature

Regular price €41,99
Sale price €41,99 Regular price €45,99

Description of Wine Trivia - Have fun tasting wines | La Natural, Card Game with Wine

A game of questions and challenges to taste wines while having fun and learning. Choose what kind of wine you want to play with!

Thewine triviaBebedistinto is a highly addictive and incredibly fun trivia game that allows anyone to learn and compete in their own cupping at home. The objective is to answer the greatest number of questions correctly and emerge as the greatest wine expert.

All tasting kits include the wine of your choice and our star game. The rules are simple and anyone can play,you don't need to be a wine expert. Each kit has 20/35 question cards: specific to tasting (color, aromas, flavor), action, and collaborative, to solve, together, the mysteries of the world of wine.

This kit is ideal for everyone, from a beginning wine drinker who wants to be introduced to the world of natural wines, to the most experienced professional taster.


Main Features of Wine Trivia Wine Tasting Game - Have fun tasting wines | the nature

  • Designed for 2-8 players (or whoever you're willing to share a bottle of wine with!)
  • Ideal for couples, groups of friends or family.
  • It is not necessary to have knowledge about the world of wine.
  • Fun, songs and laughter at the top of your lungs guaranteed.
  • It includes:
    • 20 to 35 question and challenge cards
    • an instruction manual,
    • tasting guide,
    • Cards to write down answers or ideas that come to mind
    • Solutions.
    • Optional for gifts: Postcard with your personal message.
    • Vinazos of your choice made with low intervention, without sulphites or additives, 100% manual and natural.

Wines of the Wine Trivia Wine Tasting Game - Have fun tasting wines | the nature

Al Tal

I'm Natural Don't Panic

White Analog Fruit



How to play Wine Trivia - Have fun tasting wines | the nature

The objective of the game is to solve, individually or jointly, each of the cards it contains. You will learn details about the wines to taste, the different varieties, elaborations, and curiosities about this brutal drink.


  1. Distribute the answer cards.
  2. Prepare a glass for each participant.
  3. Leave the stack of cards on the table in order.
  4. The best: Uncorking the wine!

* The player or team that chose the wine at the last dinner will start ;)


In turns, each player or team will take a card and read it out loud. In each turn all players will participate, individually or cooperatively, as indicated on the card.

You will find five types of cards: Questions, Action, Collaboration and Hints. Each card resolved correctly by a player or team will add one point to their score.

Once all the cards have been reviewed, it only remains to see who is the best sommelier in the group! On the back of the answer sheet you will find a QR code that will take you to the solutions and more information about the winery and the wines you have tasted.

Let the party begin!

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