La Miette
La Miette
La Miette

La Miette


Sorprendente tinto muy aromático, con un ligero toque salado, y largo retrogusto mineral.


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 icono vino natural identificando vino hecho de forma natural de uvas organicas o biodinamicas
 icono vino natural identificando vino hecho de forma natural de uvas organicas o biodinamicas
 icono vino natural identificando vino hecho de forma natural de uvas organicas o biodinamicas
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La Miette

La Miette

Aromatic, mineral, captivating

Body: High

Sweet: Seco

Alcohol: 12%






Tasting notes of strawberry, cherry, banana.

The Wine: La Miette

This is traditionally a cuvée made in the old 'clairet' style of light red color often with a little flavor and aromatics of a certain% of white wine mixed in the bottling; however, this year it is purely Pinot Noir and Gamay that carry a definitely ethereal look in their lightness (despite the absence of any% white wine). From Gregoire Perron de La Combe aux Rêves that cultivated 2.5 hectares of empty spaces in Journans, Bugey, Francia.

Vinification: A blend of 65% Pinot Noir and 35% Gamay harvested by hand from vines grown primarily on Jurassic limestone soils. 1/3 of the wine is macerated for 6 months in qvevri, while the remaining 2/3 macerates for only 8 days before being raised for 6 months in 225L oak barrels. Bottled without clarification, without filtering without additional SO2. 12,5% ABV

The producer: Gregoire Perron

Gregoire Perron started this project in 2009 with just half a hectare of vineyard and a lot of enthusiasm. Before he worked for 15 years for other wineries but this time it was his project and he wanted to take it to the limit of natural production, so he first had to recover the vineyards from a past full of chemicals. He settled with the family in an old house with a cellar from the 17th century in the small village of Journans, about 10 km south-east of Bourg-en-Bresse, in the heart of Bugey, between the Jura, Savoy and the Beaujolais.

Today its vineyards total just 2.5 hectares and are a small orchard a few meters from the winery, just 5 minutes walking through this "valley of dreams" (combe aux reves). The vines are sloping at an altitude of 280-430 meters with south, south-west exposure, just in front of Morgon.
The soils are clay-calcareous and their age reaches 60 years. They are divided into 2 almost contiguous plots: one planted in the 60s with Gamay and Mondeuse, which he had to convert to organic, and a younger one planted by him in 2016 with traditional white grapes, Jacquere and Altesse. In the vineyard all the work is manual, although after the harvest it is the sheep who are in charge of cutting the grass and fertilizing the land until spring.
The last few years have experienced enormous climatic difficulties. In 2016 it was the downy mildew and the Suzukii fly, and in 2017 a frost that left him with just 1,200 liters in 2 Ha. Gregoire relies on the 'Negoce' wines, Foudre d'Escampette, in order to survive and this allows him even greater creative freedom, with other varieties,
vinifications and styles. All their wines are absolutely natural, without the addition of sulfur or any other additive at any stage of production. The total annual production is around 6,000 bottles.

The Region: Campania

Campa The terroir of Campania


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Why should you try natural wine?

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