Vividors del vi White
Vividors del vi White
Vividors del vi White

Vividors del vi White


Fresh and fun white wine. Ideal for having drinks with friends or with any type of food. High aromatic intensity, marked by the balance of the white flower with herbaceous memories and white fruit from Xarel·lo and more tropical touches of stone fruit from Malvasía.


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Vividors del vi White

Vividors del vi White

Fruity, fresh, fun

Body: Low

Sweetness: Medium

Alcohol: 12%






Tasting notes of pineapple, white flower, pear.

The Wine: Vividors del vi White

With this wine l'Apical seeks to work with two autochthonous varieties that complement each other perfectly, to achieve a wine with a specific aromatic touch, which both when smelling it and tasting it, will hook us. Two native varieties with a spectacular Mediterranean accent.

It is a straw yellow wine with crystalline reflections, clean, bright and agile in the glass. High aromatic intensity, marked by the balance of the white flower with herbaceous hints and white fruit from Xarel·lo and more tropical touches of stone fruit from Malvasía. Sweet entry on the palate, soft and friendly. Complex mid palate with a predominance of flower, dryness and freshness provided by the Xarel·lo threatened by the creamy and tropical notes of the Malvasia. A curious and fun balance on the palate. Wine with a long, drying and persistent finish.

The producer: Martí Giralt and Sergi Sevillano

Sergi SevillanoYMartí GiraltThey met at the Espiells school of oenology and viticulture, in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. They both come from two different worlds. Sergi, from Barcelona, ​​is a sommelier and restaurant technician, he had worked in differenthigh-end restaurantsand in some specialized wine stores, and he wanted to go to Mirillas to expand his knowledge of viticulture and oenology.

There he met Martí de Llorenç del Penedès, who has always been surrounded by the world of wine, his father has been making wine in the area for more than 40 years and his grandfather also had a small family cellar, and has accumulated experience in various areas, such as the Penedès or the Priory.

They believed that their union with Martí, dedicated more to the technical part and the elaboration of El ApicalY Sergi, in the administrative and commercial part, it would constitute a good team.



The Region: Penedès


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What is natural wine

Natural winemaking has become a movement similar to a revolution, a nemesis of the industrialization and homogenization of wine in the last three decades. Natural wine producers are at the forefront of this movement, rejecting industrial winemaking techniques and the excessive use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers in the vineyard. Perhaps even more important, natural wine should be viewed as an agricultural product where agriculture is an essential part. Agricultural conditions, labor rights, sustainability and ethical practices throughout the supply chain are now at the center of the natural wine discourse.

Why should I try natural wine?

Natural wine is probably the most fascinating wine on the market. Discovering natural wines is made even more exciting by the fact that each vintage is different and tastes different. The non-interventionist approach to winemaking, together with the best organic and biodynamic practices in the vineyards, give wines of unique character. If you want to know more about this exciting world, click on the "Read more" links. We hope you enjoy learning about natural wine!

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