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Ready to wine?


What supplies do you need for our Online Wine Tasting?


This is a great time to try some new wines! If you are reading this, you just received the wines you are going to taste next Friday. Pease, in order to have it chilled that day, keep all the wines but the black one in the fridge.  


In a pinch, juice glasses will do, but ideally you’ll need actual wine glasses to help with noticing the aromas of the wine. If possible, have four glasses ready (if you don't have that many, please have some water and a bowl to clean the glass between wines).

Smartphone and Tablet with tripod, or Computer

You’ll need to be in a conference, but please NOT with your smartphone, because you’ll need it too!!  For the meeting, any tablet or computer with a camera will do. A tablet is easier if you want to move around during the call, but if you want to stay put at your dining room table or kitchen island, a laptop will be perfect. Just be sure that your device is updated to the most recent operating system so that apps will run smoothly. If you'll be using a tablet, please have a tripod ready, a tripod in this case means no more bracing the phone up against a wine bottle or other item so that you can see (and be seen) while tasting wine and chatting, and you’ll look a lot better from the angle the tripod provides (happy bonus!).

Have your wine, glasses, laptop and smartphone? Perfect! Now, you’re ready to wine :) we’ll see you next Friday December 18th, at 5pm.

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